Blogging, Article Marketing and Content Creation
Blogging Services
You probably have heard people telling you that your company should have a blog, and it’s true. Every company, large and small should have a blog of some kind. Although people do buy things online, the main reason they go online in the first place is to find information. Blogging fulfills a need for information to answer a question or find a solution and that is not ostensibly trying to sell something. It says to the reader, “We are here to educate and help you. We care about you and your needs,” and there is nothing more powerful than that to turn prospects into customers, and customers into advocates for your brand.
Not a good writer? Don’t have the time to write posts for your blog? Don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of this extremely effective way of positioning your company as an expert in your field. Pro Creative offers a blogging service, where we will set up your blog for you and write and post new articles for it every week, so you always have fresh content. Chose from a gradual program (2 articles per week) or an accelerated program (7 articles per week) to build your blog quickly. See our blog, Buzzoomba, for tips on blogging, social media and marketing.
Article Marketing
Article marketing is another way to leverage your knowledge, expertise and perspective to spread the word about your business. Used alone or in conjunction with a blog, article marketing takes your content and distributes it throughout the Internet, including your link to your site. Blogs and websites use your article to bolster their own content, generating potentially thousands of backlinks to your site. Google and other search engines look kindly on sites that contain informative content, and also reward those sites that are linked to by numerous other websites by ranking them higher on search results. Much more cost effective than pay per click (PPC) or other advertising, this kind of organic SEO can catapult your company to the top of the rankings drastically increasing your targeted traffic and sales.
For the article marketing, we write an additional two articles a week which, after giving the article directories a chance to have it fresh, can be repurposed for inclusion on your blog.
Other Forms of Content
The key to being successful in your content strategy is to modify and reformat your content so that it is distributed in as many ways and places as possible. We can create videos for upload to YouTube or inclusion in a video blog or website, documents and presentations for distribution online or offline, and newsletters to be sent to your opt-in list. Whatever your content needs, Pro Creative can fulfill them with original, fresh, interesting and quality content.